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A Lifestyle for Fast & Healthy Weight Loss

Our Concept

Why is this Diet book different?

I'm going to teach you how to read food labels, tell you what food to buy, even bring you to the grocery store. Secondly, I am going to inform you in plain english how the digestive system works, explain why you haven't been able to keep the weight off in the past and show you how to stop those hunger cravings.

Do you need diet plans,like the South Beach Diet or the Dr. Oz You diet, portion controls, three exact meals a day, a calorie counter, food supplements, a person watching you weigh yourself each week? NO. You are more intelligent than that. Diet plans,like the Adkins diet, fail to keep the weight off because they "ARE" diets: They are designed for the short term. What our book is about- is a change. A lifestyle change. You will learn how to change old habits, make new healthy choices, enjoy delicious foods, even fast foods, without portion controls. Foods that will fill you up but still allow you to lose weight faster then most diets.

And the Bonus is........ You're going to be happy about yourself. You're going to love eating again.

Remember this: Most of the current diet plans or free diet plans like sugar busters, south beach diet, adkins diet, Dr Oz You diet are good for you. The No White Diet lifestyle change is best for you

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