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Other Diets

 I am NOT going to try and tell you that other diets on the market aren't working. After all, they all work if you can stick with them and refuse to return to your old ways. Let's look at some of the other diets and see why they will not work for us. (especially me)

Perhaps the most famous, back in the 80' and 90's was the American Heart Association recommended way of eating properly. Remember the pyramid? Low fat and high carbohydrates. There are many authors writing about the low fat, high carbohydrate type of eating. I do not want to bore you with all of their writings. I could not make it work and thought after a couple of years it might be the carbs. (read on and you will see why)

Low fat diets that say you have to practically become a vegetarian to lose weight are just wrong. What is wrong with meat? How about Eggs? Something wrong with them also? I never believed that meat and eggs were the wrong things to eat. I also need dessert once in a while. After all, 'I deserve it and I am going to have it' (So...... There!)

The next diet I tried and probably still the most famous is the Atkins Diet. Does it work? Yes. My problem was I just couldn't keep eating the meats without the buns and no vegetables. No pasta either. (My Italian mother would not like that, at all.) My brain was so ingrained to not eating large quantities of fat that I just could not do it ! I finally quit. Great for the short run but in my opinion it is just not something I can stick with for the long haul. I would lose weight then gain it back.

The Fad Diets (as I call them) like the popcorn diet, pineapple diet, pasta diet are just what the sign says, Fads. I could not stand eating 14 different popcorns for 2 weeks or 37 ways to eat pineapple for that matter. Now........ Pasta ! I can eat some pasta, let me tell you. Problem was I couldn't lose weight with it. (what a shame)

The Zone diet. A doctor friend of mine turned me on to it. Does it work? Absolutely. What happened? It was just too complicated for me to remember. All those zones and portioning out the food and counting, counting, measuring. Yuk !

The old count the calories diet. Yep! I did that for a while, use to carry a calorie book in my back pocket. Then came another book I had to carry because the first book didn't have all the foods in it. I would go into a restaurant and start looking at the menu and counting the calories on a napkin. It became silly. I was not going to start carrying an adding machine to lose weight.

How about the Sugar Busters Diet? Right on! Will this one work? Yes. Trying to read the book is almost impossible unless you're a doctor. Of course it's written by a doctor. (In fact, four of them. Can you imagine getting four doctors to agree on anything?) I am a layman, not a doctor and books should be written for the average person. I had a hard time grasping what the guy was saying. If you can't understand the written word, you just cannot put it into practice.

Then came the South Beach Diet. Pretty good diet. It works. I like it. I like mine better. Why? Because I am not going to ask you to memorize and carry a list of food numbers (glycemic index) around with you so you can eat the right items. I am also not going to try and sell you a diet plan or special food. Compare the two and you might pick mine also. (then again, you might pick theirs. If you do.... I wish you luck.

The object here is to be healthy and lose weight. If someone else's diet floats your boat, then do it. I congratulate you for your weight loss and I would appreciate you contacting me and telling me so.

Bottom Line: Most of the diets, diet plans, free diet plans like the adkins diet, diabetic diet, sugar busters diet, south beach diet, are all good diets.

The decision should be which is best for you? Hopefully, you will pick the No White Diet.


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